Your Organization was Seriously Breached … Four Months Ago.

Attackers are inside networks an average of 120 days before being discovered. The damage is often astronomical. Just ask organizations like Home Depot, Target or Equifax. Or better yet, ask their customers.

Now, imagine a virtual army of exceptionally qualified cyber analysts – and their collective intelligence – is on your side, incentivized to find, confirm and advise you on threats …fast. That is FOUR18 – eyes, answers and action. NOT another dashboard.

“…if you think you can do security well without security people, you are deluded – and probably breached too. ‘Force augmentation’ should be the only game in town.”

Anton Chuvakin,
Gartner Blog Network

What’s it worth to know you’ve been compromised the same day that it occurs?

Proven technology developed by US Intelligence R&D, driving speed and accuracy of results through analyst bounty incentives
Aggressive cyber response though gamified ecosystem of best-of-breed technologies, analysts and partners

Ask Yourself, is Your Organization Prepared for a Major Cyber Attack?

75% of CIOs and CISOs say their enterprises are unprepared for cyber attacks. There is unprecedented need for skilled analysts and IR, force-multiplication solutions. Yet, estimates are that only 20% of human resources needed are available.

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Closing that 120-day gap?

That’s where we come in. Now, you have ready access to skill-rated talent and authentic, actionable, crowdsourced answers – without the expense of hiring and training full-time analysts. Now, you have FOUR18.