Turning Detection and Response Into A Collective Sport

FOUR18 is the first company to hack the human elements of cyber defense by turning detection and response into a collective sport, and analysts into bounty hunters – all at scale.

The Company operates a unique cloud-based, crowdsourcing platform, FourSight™, that powers a first-of-its-kind marketplace where vetted cyber analysts are incentivized to proactively hunt for and collaboratively verify cyber attacks through subscription and bounty-based models. For large enterprises this means force-augmentation resources and brainpower immediately on-tap. For the middle market this means freedom from the failing models of internalizing staff to operate software to defend against the ever-changing playbooks of attackers and of intrusion responses that are too late to matter, too expensive and too often, incomplete.

CLICK HERE to download the FOUR18 Intelligence Proactive Threat Defense Hunt Training Overview PDF file.

“FOUR18 Intelligence is developing an advanced platform capable of modeling the ways adversaries would attack a specific business or industry. The service uses crowdsourcing to work through probable attack scenarios, giving businesses seeking more brainpower access to leading-edge thinking without having to hire full-time thinkers.”

Accenture – Security Technology Vision 2016