Mark Jaster
Chairman, Founder & CEO

  • 25 + yrs. Leading Tech Dev, Innovation and Product Strategy
  • NASA Hubble Space Telescope Repair, Robotics, 8-Figure Tech Spinoff

Bob Huber

  • Bob is Chief Strategy Officer for Eastwind Networks; he is also a FOUR18 Angel Investor with two successful exits behind him.

Rob Kilgore

  • Rob is CEO of Absio Corporation, a critical infrastructure partner of Four18 intelligence; He is also an attorney and former CEO of WealthTouch.

FOUR18 Chief Advisors

  • Matt Devost
    Fusion X CEO/Founder
    FOUR18 Angel Investor


  • Jon Couch
    Threat Quotient SVP
    iSIGHT Partners Co-Founder
    FOUR18 Angel Investor