Our Story or, More Accurately, Our History

FOUR18 was founded on the belief that an advanced crowdsourcing analysis platform developed and validated by the US intelligence community could dramatically improve collaboration and human analysis in cyberattack detection and response.

The Company was launched in 2015 through the MACH37 cyber accelerator in Virginia to commercialize that technology and establish the world’s first proactive, incentive-driven, community of cyber intelligence and intrusion analysts.

One if by Land; Two if by Sea. FOUR if by Internet…

Our story actually begins on April, 18 in the year 1775 with, arguably, the first evidence of an effective signal intelligence network operating in America – Paul Revere’s remarkable midnight ride. Two lanterns, prominently displayed in Boston’s Old North Church tower, signaled that the British were attacking by waterways.

“Over the next five years, enterprises need to find ways to reduce the potential cybersecurity risks to acceptable levels. Successful companies will likely employ a core team of security people with high-powered skills augmented with crowdsourced and freelance labor to meet the demands of the digital business more efficiently and effectively.”

Accenture – Security Technology Vision 2016

The name “FOUR18,” of course, stems from that date in history. Today, we’re taking human resources and leveraging technology to make them much more scalable and effective – and we’re doing it at the speed necessary to counteract cyber attacks, even before they occur.  All through a serious gaming experience, with vetted, expert analysts, that incentivizes based on accuracy and value.

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